Solutions offered :

Access Control -

We provide full site audits and design around customer requirements, creating solutions that are practical yet sophisticated, and within budget!

  • Proximity Tag based systems (Impro Technologies)
  • Biometrics (Sagem)
  • Physical Control - Turnstiles, boom gates and barriers
  • Integration into 3rd party (CCTV, Fire, intrusion and BMS)
  • Vehicular Access Control - Biometric or Tag (Drop Box ) 


Time & Attendance -

Providing solutions that allow you to have full control and management over your staff

  • Shift control and reporting
  • Time management
  • Integration into ERP and payroll
  • Transponder Tag or Biometric Systems
  • POS integration and canteen management
  • Small Companies to Large Corporates
  • Portable Solutions
  • School - Educator and Learner attendance systems


Security -

Specialised guard jackets with GPRS functionality, built in cameras and panic buttons. Track movement with actual CCTV feeds.

  • Ideal for Guards or cleaners



Custom Designed Software Applications-

Automating most processes can save money and also provide control and management, whether remotely or on the LAN, WAN or wireless

  • Bar Coding Solutions
  • Micro Lending Software
  • Custom Software - Design and Development
  • School Access Control, Attendance Recording and Cashless Environment



Every application requires different technology to achieve the required outcome. From managing sites from the office, laptop or cellphone we can provide a solution that works.

  • Wireless or cabled
  • Day / Night applications
  • 3G Integrations
  • All 3rd party integration through graphic user interface - Access control, Fire and evac and BMS
  • Remote view solutions


    Specialised Solutions

    The loss of a customer vehicle due to inadequate Access Control can be prevented by implementing Grippa Spike barriers controlled by Biometric devices, restricting entry or exit to authorised persons only, and with a system recording of all movement.

    • Vehicle Anti-theft solutions for Motor Vehicle Dealerships
    • Biometric Control
    • Visitor/Customer Management     





    Office Automation -
    • Servers - HP
    • Desktop and Notebooks - HP, Mecer
    • Software licensing
    • Printing solutions
    • Scanning Hardware

















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